Euro Glass Color

Since 2004 a young and successful developing company on the market. During this time, our company has achieved significant results on the global market. The high quality of our products, short production time, accurate fulfillment of all tasks of the customer, a full range of services, impeccable service, the constancy and the discovery of new directions - all this allows us to develop a successfully and compete concurrency on the market. Versatility of the directions of the company gives a lot of advantages, allowing to fully meet all customer requirements. It is easier to navigate on the services provided by our company by reading it short list.


  • РDesign of new bottles.
  • Development of the drawing and design documentation for the bottle.
  • Implementation of a three-dimensional demonstration of the future bottle (format 3d).
  • Production of test forms for bottle manufacture.
  • Production of test samples of the bottle.
  • Production of form sets for the production of glass.
  • Production of high-quality glass containers of any complexity.
  • Manufacture of high-quality crystal and Crystalline.
  • Tube Manufacturing (glass, plastic, metal, synthetic and natural handle).
  • Bottle Decoration (applying labels, drawing, painting and plating bottle) production of packaging and exclusive boxes.
  • Providing storage services (storage of finished products).
  • ДDelivery of finished products to the customer by any transport.
  • Professional photo shooting of finished products.
  • СCreation of promotional videos.


The main direction of the company «EURO GLASS COLOR» is to provide services like development, manufacture and supply of high-quality packaging, made of crystal, glass and Crystalline. By using in the production a modern equipment of leading western firms allows producing glass containers of the highest quality that comply with all European highest standards. Production capacity of the company and its suppliers make it possible to optimize processes from concept and design to manufacturing of mold sets, and perform the test sample bottles and the entire production lot. We produce bottles of any complexity, volume from 40 ml to 20 liters. Wide range of colors, company logos, all this will emphasize its individuality. And thanks to modern technology, we have produced a bottle are of high quality, durable and has a beautiful appearance. Modern packaging ensures easy transportation and perfect protection against adverse weather conditions.
More information about each of the areas you can find in the thematic sections of our site.