Creating excellence

«EuroGlassColor» - is a successfully developing company that occupies a special place among manufacturers of premium glass products. It focuses on production of glass and crystal. Modern equipment, use of high quality raw materials, professional experience and technical personnel and the desire to be the best on the market, ensure the highest quality of all products. An integrated approach to work, which includes in the short term (2-2.5 months) to develop high-end design (free of charge), the implementation of the technical documentation (free), mold sets production and testing of product samples (free), with the possibility of subsequent decoration. Full identity of all produced goods. Design and manufacture of packaging. Deadlines of production and delivery of finished products.

Leader in premium packaging

Since 2004 a young and successful developing company on the market. During this time, our company has achieved significant results on the global market. The high quality of our products, short production time, accurate fulfillment of all tasks of the customer, a full range of services, impeccable service, the constancy and the discovery of new directions - all this allows us to develop a successfully and compete concurrency on the market.

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Many well-known companies in the various countries of the world purchase our products